Glasstadt Zwiesel

Enjoyment and hospitality in Zwiesel with beer, schnapps, pork and music.

Regional products – the most enjoyable side of Bavaria.

Breathe deeply on a walk in the National Park or on one of the many other walks around Zwiesel. You will smell the scent of wild herbs and fresh air. Listen to the rivers and streams trickle through the landscape – clean water is also the basis for healthy agreeable food, produced in the region and served fresh in our traditional restaurants.

Two natural products are made in the town of Zwiesel. Good beer from the Dampfbierbrauerei Pfeffer and higher percentage stuff from the Bärwurzerei Hieke. Both of them as genuine, natural and ancient as the Bavarian Forest itself. And you would hardly believe it but Zwiesel Golböhnchen are produced in Zwiesel’s first private Kaffeerösterei. And because enjoyment and comfort go together, ‘Music in Inns’ is also much loved by visitors and locals.