Glasstadt Zwiesel

Other Winter Activities

Horse & Carriage Rides

A ride in a horse drawn carriage through the snowy landscape of the Bavarian Forest is wonderfully romantic. Let your dreams come true. Get into a horse drawn carriage and allow yourself – wrapped in blankets – to be immersed in the dreamy landscape. An unforgettable experience for young and old.

Operators of Horse Drawn Carriages

  • Johan Pauli, Bärnzell, Tel.: +49 9922 502128
  • Franz Hackl, Griesbach, Tel.: +49 9922 609697
  • Annette Weiderer, Tel.: +49 9922 2555
  • Hubert Greipl, Innenried, Tel.: +49 9922 3936
  • Michael Palmi, Theresienthal, Tel.: +49 9922 869508 oder
    +49 170 5267768


Curling is a modern sport in spite of its hundred year old tradition. The sport which started as a favourite leisure activity in grandfather’s time, is today on the way to becoming an Olympic sport. A team consists of 4 people. Scoring is in ‘points’. The winner must block or turn away the other team’s ice stocks. Test your accuracy on natural ice at the Arber-Ferienpark or in Rabenstein.

  • Natureisfläche in Rabenstein, Regenhütterstraße, 300 beyond the Chateau
  • Eishalle Regen, Tel. +49 9921 960986,
    Poschetsrieder Straße 45, 94209 Regen


To move safely on thin ice: families who don’t quite trust the thin ice in the Bavarian Forest, should make a trip to the ice rink in Regen. Skating, play ice hockey, curling or figure skating: there is something for everyone – even music and dancing in disco skating. Join in or watch.